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Dosage Directions:

For newbies one to two capsules spread out evenly daily for a 30 day period will get the job done.

For you more advanced users we suggest taking two to three capsules throughout the day for month cycle.


Supplemental Facts:

Servings Per Bottle: 90 Capsules

Main Ingredient: Dymethazine, chemical compound 17beta-hydroxy 2 alpha

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Dymethazine (DMZ)

More commonly referred to as DMZ. The technical formula for this powerful ingredient is 17beta-hydroxy 2 alpha, 17 beta-dimethyl 5 alpha, androstan 3. This designer anabolic specifically uses Azine Bond Technology that has been proven to have great muscle building effects than other testosterone boosters. It surpasses gains made from anadrol, winstrol, and propionate.

This compound promotes strength, muscle fullness, and massive size gains. Typical users can expect gains ranging from 10 to 20 pounds from one cycle of Dymethazine. Users are excited in the amount of drastic changes they see from week to week.

The unique technology that is used in the DMZ Supplement allows for rapid cell swelling due to extra glycogen storage. This makes your muscles look harder and fuller while you experience out of this world pumps.

Cycle Support

Taking a cycle support in accordance with Dymethazine is a must. Users will experience more stress on their liver while running a cycle. In addition they may undergo an elevated blood pressure level.

Some of the most popular cycle support supplements men prefer are Blockade On Cycle by Assault Labs, Protex Cycle Assist, Advanced Cycle Support, and Organ Shield. There is not specific cycle support that you must use with this product. You can opt for whatever your favorite supplement is.

PCT Supplement

Using a PCT while cycling Xtreme DMZ is highly recommended. Anabolic Technologies has produced Xtreme PCT, which goes in accordance with this product. However, users can chose whichever post cycle therapy pill they are comfortable with.

It's imperative you practice taking PCT while cycling as to keep your gains once your DMZ cycle is complete.


You may take other supplements while cycling Dymethazine. These include preworkout, protein, and other supplements. Basically, any other supplement that will help you to achieve your gains or aid in the recovery process.

Avoid taking other hormonal products that have power like Dymethzine. This product is potent enough for many users, so you don't need to take any more.

Xtreme DMZ User Reviews

Great ph
Product works great. Nice dry gain. I became very vascular. I've used this DMZ extreme in the past and it alwasys delivers. I recommended it to my buddie and he got really big off of it too. Good stuff...Just drink a lot of water with it so you don't cramp up. I took 3 a day and after week 1 I begain to see results.


Great Product.
Having taken every PH there is in the past 8 years, id say this one would def rate in the top 3. Gains have been very very dry, the first few days i did feel a little light headed though, this compound has a tendency to lower your blood surgar by pulling glycogen into your muscles, so make sure you are eating sufficient starchy carbs. Other than thefirst 3 days, everything with this compound has been amazing. Lower body fat, tighter harder muscles, and great strength gains.

This product worked. Ran 30mg for 30 days. Put on around 10 pounds of good, hard muscle. Really started noticing gains and body changes in week two. My chest is massive now, and so is my back. Also ate well, and took in vast amounts of protein. Side effects were not existent except for lethargy during the last week or so. Running PCT for a couple days now, and I feel like I'm STILL getting bigger. Bench went from 195 to 225 consistently, and maxed out at 265. I recommend this to anyone. It has built in protection for the liver, but go to your local convenience store and pick up some milk thistle just in case.

Big A

Great product Beast mode!!!
Took it for a month put on about five pounds in lean mass...Strength went up alot muscle was always full pumps was sick...Had to train some body parts every other week was growing so fast...I eat six clean meals a day and one massgainer shake cardio three times a week...And I took it with Halo and love it but eating clean and working out lite a Beast is a must...And drink lots of water lots and joints pills...If you do all that trust me you Will see results in no time...And I'm a real customer...Always end like this try it for yourself don't take my word!! Piece!!

DMZ is probably one of my favorite prohormones. This is an m-sten. If I use either of them, I know I am going to put on some quality muscle. With DMZ, I seem to always put on at least 10lbs of muscles and I always make record lifts. I hav been training for about 10 years and using prohormones for the last 5 years. If you have experience in lifting and want to take it t othe next level, you need to try this prohoromone. Definitely worth it.

Big Joe

I have tried a couple DMZ prohormoens and this was my favorite. I got hte most gains... 12lbs in 4 weeks and no side effects. Felt good the entire time. I am going to try stacking this one with another prohormone from them next. Taking a small break and then want to finally hit 200lbs.

Just finished a 4 week cycle of Xtreme DMZ (with low dose Tren Attack for final 3 weeks) and I can't tell you enough how much I love this product! In combination with 2-a-days, 7000 calories/day, genetics, and these products...

I packed on 17lbs of pure mass in 4 weeks. No water weight. No bloat. No fat. No excess anything! I'm actually leaner than when I started the cycle! I could go on and on about all the beneftis of this product but my favorite part was it kicked right away. My first workout on DMZ was ridiculous! Take your dose half an hour Before your workout and BOOM! Pumps so intense your skin almost splits (combine with Tren attack and I felt like a god in the gym)


Incredible Gains
If you have a medium frame and wanna get ripped this is the one to get. In one month I went from 179 to 190 and kept it after my pct with a lot of hard work.

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